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Learning English – Welcome to London
Intermediate English Language Course. Practise your English with listening, reading and speaking exercises. Follow our two characters through London. 

Unit 1: Transport
Listen 1: Choosing transport from Heathrow into town
Listen 2: At the ticket office
Listen 3: In the train station
Read 1: Comparing travel options
Speak 1: Comparisons and the 'schwa' sound

Unit 2: Hotel
Listen 1: At the hotel reception (part 1)
Listen 2: At the hotel reception (part 2)
Read 1: In the hotel room
Read 2: Finding a hotel in London

Unit 3: Cinema
Listen 1: Suggesting a night out in London
Listen 2: Deciding what film to see
Listen 3: Talking about the film
Read 1: Reading film reviews
Read 2: Cinemas in London
Speak 1: Using stress to help describe a film

Unit 4: Shopping
Listen 1: Buying a pair of shoes
Listen 2: Buying some jeans
Read 1: Where to shop in London
Read 2: Oxford Street crime
Speak 1: Using the schwa sound when asking for things

Unit 5: Work
Listen 1: Talking about work conditions (part 1)
Listen 2: Talking about work conditions (part 2)
Read 1: Job applications
Speak 1: Pronouncing 'have to'

Unit 6: Eating Out
Listen 1: Going out to a restaurant
Listen 2: Ordering a meal
Read 1: Eating out in Brick Lane in east London
Speak 1: Word stress when talking about

6 Minute English – BBC Learning English
Downloads: audio and text, vocabulary help .- Listen out and answer the question.
Work emails, Hopes for 2012, Witches, Shopping, World Wide Web, Sham Weddings, Online Shopping, TV addicts, Complaining, Ebooks, James Bond, Plastic carrier bags, Population explosion, Swimming, Shopping Centres

Express English
Hear what people in London say, then join the conversation! – Video supported
Driving, Being a woman, Being a man, Fitness, Shopping, Phobias, Your best friend, Passions, New Year’s resolutions, Happy kids, Computer games, Fairy tales, Television, Spare time, Music sharing, Dreams, Your ideal trip, Dancing, Love, Fashion, Dating, Stress, Social Networking, Heroes, National stereotypes, Freedom, Jealousy,  Relationships,
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Talking Business
This course gives you useful language and phrases to improve your spoken communication skills in English in different business situations. Each section features audio, target language and a quiz - all of which are downloadable. You'll also have the opportunity to practise and test your understanding of the language.
Talking Business

Face up your Phrases

Skillswise English
Reading, Writing, Spelling, Word Grammar, Speaking and Listening
Skillswise English

Communication Skills
Exam Skills

Vocabulary and Grammar Quizzes (a selection)

Jobs and Work, Spelling: Common Errors, Computer and the Internet, Slang, Transport, American English, Clothes and Accessories, Shoes, Holiday English, Around the House, English Idioms
Topic based Quizzes: Football, Appointments, Christmas, Languages, Takeaway Food, The Oscars, Food idioms
Grammar Quizzes
Quiznet Archives: Online Quizzes with printable versions
Crosswords alphabetisch nach Thema sortiert 

Wordmaster: easy, medium, difficult
Play the game to test your vocabulary skills. There are thousands of words to practise.

Watch and Listen: London Life
Friendliness on the Tube, British breakfasts, Queing, Fancy a pint?, The Great Fire of London, The Ritz Hotel, City Farm, The real James Bond, Tennis in the park, Portobello Market, Sleepy Londoners, Science Museum, London Bridge, Smoking Ban, Harrods, Bargain Hunting,

Download der Audios

Explaining and presenting idioms on video: transport idioms, sport idioms, colour idioms, body idioms, food idioms, animal idioms 

How to 
How to … discuss, How to … conversation, How to … instructions, explanations and advice, How to … requests, offers and invitations, How to … good news, bad news, How to … complaints, apologies and excuses, Asking the time


Podcasts – Documentaries 

Learning Schools 

For tips on reading fiction and non fiction texts, developing communication skills and writing about Shakespeare 

Sentences, writing structure, and character analysis

Different writing styles, and methods of preparation

Presentation, listening and dramatic techniques. - Character, language, issues and performance in key extracts. - Plot, character and themes in Romeo and Juliet, and The Tempest
The art of presentations, speeches, debates and drama.