Presentation, speaking and dramatic techniques
Speaking and Listening

Online Podcast erstellen
Erstellen Sie in wenigen Schritten kostenlos online ein Podcast
How to make a podcast using Audioboo - Video Screencast Tutorial

Audacity ist ein Gratis-Tonstudio zum Aufnehmen, Bearbeiten und Abspielen von Audio-Dateien.

Real English
Learn English with ESL Videos and Lessons. The Real English ESL Videos and  Exercises are all free and free access. 58 Lessons - various levels

Watch the video without subtitles. Do the exercises. Speak into your microphone and record yourself. Listen to the teacher and compare.

Greetings, Where are you from?, What's your favourite colour?, What nationality are you?. Introducing yourself, What's your astrological sign?, Dates and Days, Telling the time in the USA and UK, What are Americans like?, What are the British like?, What are the Germans like?, Giving Directions, What do you do for a living?,  Were you good at school?, Introduction to "going to do", Simple Past "Did", Yesterday, Used to and infinitiv, The Present Perfect, The Third Conditional Tense,
Real English

Speaking Situations
Graded: Beginning - Intermediate - Advanced 

Teaching Speaking Skills
Speaking Practice Lessons

Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs Index 

Tandem Learning
Autonomous Language Learning in Tandem - Tandem Server Ruhr-Universität Bochum "We have matched more than 70,000 language learning partners. Learning in tandem can be defined as a form of "open learning", whereby two people with different native languages work together in pairs." 
Tandem Learning 


Das EU-Programm eTwinning vernetzt Schulen aus Europa über das Internet miteinander. Mit eTwinning finden Sie eine Partnerschule und arbeiten in einem geschützten virtuellen Klassenraum an einem gemeinsamen Unterrichtsprojekt. Machen Sie mit in unserem lebendigen, europaweiten Schulnetzwerk.

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